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Modern Taxiing

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Automated technology is one of many solutions that can help meet the growing air traffic demand at busy airports by assisting air traffic controller officers maintain efficient and safe operations. In particular, ground air traffic controllers can benefit from the services of an automated decision support system that can provide taxiing path suggestions and conflict detection. Fuel consumption can be minimized with the use of automated aids such as path suggestion for the most fuel-optimal trajectory, robotic taxiing tractors, or electric taxiing systems. Project MoTa - Modern Taxiing - promises these capabilities and assists in the transition from current technology by developing a human centered user platform. Meanwhile, developing such a system requires a simulated air traffic control environment, both for testing new concepts and for validation. To this end, we have built an environment and begun evaluating taxiing performance for the ground operations in the southern area of Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.

MoTa Poster A leaflet presenting the project : MOTA - TAXI - Hand routing

Project Summary

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Project presentation

Interview on AeronewsTV

MoTa is a SESAR WP-E project currently under development.

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