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Applied reseach in Aeronautical Human-Computer Interaction


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The Aeronautical HMI research team

ENAC invests on applied research in the field of Aeronautical Computer Human interaction to take advantage of its acquired experience, and know-how. Building upon a set of tools, HMIs and simulation capacities, this team will investigate new interaction techniques or theoretical advances, and apply them to the design of tools for aeronautics. The target user populations for these works are Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers, as a minimum. Simulations and human-centered design will be used extensively. A dedicated platform is currently in construction, shared with partner laboratories or industry to explore and prototype new concepts and analyse working methods and their evolution.

The simulation platform

The works and projects presented hereunder are intended to migrate onto the "Aeronautical Computer Human Interaction Lab." platform.

ACHIL Leaflet

Layout of the Aeronautical Computer Human Interaction Lab. of the ENAC.

Currently active projects:

ENVISION - A-SMGCS ground surveillance system with low cost sensors

TaCo - TaCo aims to define an automated system able to both support ground and tower controllers’ tasks in airport operations and assess its own ability to deal with non-nominal conditions

STRESS - Human Performance Neurometrics Toolbox For Highly Automated Systems Design

Other projects:

MOTO - Identify the key multimodal stimuli required on Remote Tower platforms to enhance the sense of presence

MOTA - TAXI - Hand routing

Nina - Neuro Indicators for ATM

ACF - Airport Capacity Forecast

P4F - Path for Flight

Other HMIs made and available at the ENAC

  • ASTER - An HMI for air traffic control in Extended TMA

  • IIPP - An enhanced tool for pseudo-pilots.

  • STRIP-TIC - a tangible paper based electronic stripping

  • or go to project site :

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